The perfect addition to any task

Testing and adjustment tools

The perfect addition to any task

Safe and professional camera and radar calibration to manufacturer standard for all modern advanced driver assistance systems. Ideal for workshops working with an increasing number of brands.

Headlight adjustment by headlight experts. Safety and reliability are of the highest priority when testing lights. With tools from the SEG series, workshops can be sure they're in safe hands.

The mobile assistant for accurate battery diagnosis and quick measurements. The perfect addition for service companies.

The SLD-Tool makes leaks visible anywhere in a vehicle within the shortest space of time. This saves time. Ideal for inlet manifolds, turbochargers, vehicle interiors and convertible roofs, exhaust gas systems, air conditioning circuits and much more.

The nifty aid for working with TPMS. Initialise sensors, check pressure and calibrate all systems. With the TPM-Tool, all this happens at the touch of a button – it couldn't be simpler.


Start the service revolution!

Impress your customers and become a service hero with Hella Gutmann Solutions.

What's the use in having the best technology if customer satisfaction falls by the wayside? With Hella Gutmann, you don't have to compromise any longer: now you can have both perfectly harmonised workshop equipment and practical support for your workshop marketing. Start the service revolution and make your customers happy...

Start the service revolution!


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Ihr Beratungsteam: a user of the mega macs 66, I stumbled across the SLD-Tool in Hella Gutmann's product portfolio and was really impressed by the idea...

Marc-Andre Mahler

Kfz Mahler

Forstern, Germany

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