What makes us who we are

Hella Gutmann Solutions

What makes us who we are

From the workshop for the workshop

Kurt Gutmann opened his first workshop in 1968. In addition to customer service, he primarily dedicated his efforts towards tuning and motor sport. From early on, he tinkered away in his garage with his own turbo components, exhaust gas reduction systems, exhaust-gas analysers and diagnostic tools. In the 1980s, Gutmann Messtechnik was founded, and in 1995, the company brought the mega macs 55 to market – while not winning any prizes for design, this green metal box contained a whole host of practical functions that turned the world of multi-brand diagnostics on its head and, in 1996, won the innovation award at Automechanika. Since then, in the world of workshops, the name Gutmann has stood for sophisticated technology and practice-oriented expert support.

What makes us who we are

From the workshop for the workshop

The merger of Gutmann Messtechnik with family-run company HELLA KGaA in 2008 was a logical step forward that aimed to enhance the two businesses' areas of expertise. The result was a joint venture now known as Hella Gutmann Solutions, which has more than 400 employees and provides workshop equipment, technology, spare parts and technical services – contributing to the success of over 40,000 workshops in 24 countries worldwide.

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 Kurt Gutmann and his small team start by developing measuring and diagnostic tools for exhaust systems.


Foundation of Gutmann Messtechnik GmbH in Ihringen, Germany, for the professional marketing of the pocket compaa and mega compaa exhaust-gas analysers


Market launch of the mega macs 55 measuring and diagnostic tool with integrated oscilloscope, enabling multi-brand work on all electronically controlled vehicle systems.


Foundation of the Technical Call Centre, offering additional support to mega macs users when performing troubleshooting on customers' vehicles.


Opening of the Training Workshop Service (TWS) in Breisach, Germany.


The Windows-compatible macs 45 diagnostic module, a solution specially tailored to mobile vehicle breakdown services, is installed in 1,700 vehicles of German motoring association ADAC – followed soon after by the Austrian ÖAMTC and Swiss TCS.


Market launch of the easy-to-use macs 40 basic diagnostic tool.


The mega compaa GM3 4-gas analyser sets new standards with its exceptionally short warmup times, an HTML-compatible operating system and numerous state-of-the-art interfaces.


The mega macs 50 celebrates its premiere at the IAA motor show. The handheld tool for multi-brand diagnostics replaces the macs 40 and contains a rapid multimeter.


The first motorcycle diagnostic tool momacs 50 is presented at the Bike & Business specialist motorcycle trade show.


The GM3 moto exhaust-gas analyser offers motorcycle workshops a complete solution for the newly introduced motorcycle exhaust-emission check in Germany (AUK).


Under the new brand name Hella Gutmann Solutions, the mega macs 42 is presented at the Automechanika show in 2008.


Incorporation of Gutmann Messtechnik in a joint venture with the HELLA Group. 


Expansion of the TWS enables annual capacity to be increased to 2,000 trainees.


The 40 brand-specific experts from the Technical Call Centre are joined by 13 technically skilled call centre agents. Thanks to this system, around 1600 workshops are able to find solutions to their problems every day.


The mega macs 66 – the first diagnostic system with a real-time repair concept and online function – celebrates its premiere at Automechanika 2010.


The mega macs PC – the first-of-its-kind diagnostic software solution with wireless connection to the vehicle (VCI) – is presented at the Geneva International Motor Show.


The latest development of the mega macs 42 SE handheld tool with Bluetooth connection is presented at Automechanika 2012 as the successor to the mega macs 42.


HGS Data, the new Hella Gutmann data world developed in conjunction with Danish affiliated company Tolerance, goes online.


When combined with a mega macs, the CSC-Tool enables workshops to calibrate cameras and radar sensors in driver assistance systems. 


Inauguration of an additional TWS in Erwitte, near Lippstadt, Germany.


At automechanika 2014, the state-of-the-art mega macs 56 celebrates its premiere, filling the gap between the mega macs 42 SE handheld tool and the top-class mega macs 66 diagnostic tool. The extensive product portfolio is presented for the first time. In addition to the mega macs tools and GM3 mega compaa, it includes the air conditioning service stations from the HUSKY series, headlight adjustment units from the SEG series, the BPC-Tool, TPM-Tool, SLD-Tool, CSC-Tool, hand lamps, etc.  


The entire workshop equipment division of the HELLA Group and the air conditioning service products from affiliated company Hella Nussbaum Solutions are transferred to Hella Gutmann. 


Commissioning of a new building wing creates an additional 1,400 square metres at the main site in Ihringen, providing the space for further growth.


The mega compaa HG4 exhaust gas station with wireless connection of the opacimeter and the VCI replaces the GM3 mega compaa.


PassThru-ready becomes PassThru: using its current mega macs hardware, Hella Gutmann is able to establish communication with manufacturer portals. The mega macs PC x-Change stand-alone solution is also presented at Automechanika 2016.

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