Get your customers back on the road faster

Diagnostics – data – tools

Get your customers back on the road faster

Benefit from the leading experts for practice-oriented workshop equipment

Workshop Solutions from Hella Gutmann has just one goal: to make your life and the lives of your colleagues in the workshop as easy and profitable as possible. To do this, we offer you a perfectly harmonised full portfolio, covering technology, data, training, personal consultation and a multitude of professional tools. Discover the workshop world of Hella Gutmann.

  • Diagnostics expertise from the market leader
  • Workshop equipment and data from a single source
  • Perfectly networked and coordinated






Troubleshooting in real-time – repaired in next to no time

We've got your back.

Reliable communication with all relevant vehicle systems and lightning-fast interpretation of all data and fault codes – that's what counts today. With this in mind, Hella Gutmann Solutions has developed the real-time repair concept, which is just as valuable as having another colleague in the workshop. That's how we support expert professionals across the globe. Benefit from the best that state-of-the-art diagnostics technology can offer your business.

  • The number one for multi-brand diagnostics
  • With a huge range of practical expansion options
  • Over 15,000 satisfied customers
Troubleshooting in real-time – repaired in next to no time


Always available for you.
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Exhaust-emission testing

Long-term investment in state-of-the-art exhaust-emission analysis

Always up-to-date

The best way of responding to more stringent exhaust-emission standards and constant updates to measurement requirements is to opt for a flexible exhaust-emission measuring system from Hella Gutmann. Our testers are incredibly simple to operate, are easy to adapt to new requirements and assist you in your daily diagnostics work on diesel and petrol engines. This secures your investment in the future.

  • Exceptionally simple exhaust-emission measurement
  • Highly economical thanks to self-maintenance
  • Robust and extremely functional
Long-term investment in state-of-the-art exhaust-emission analysis

Testing and adjustment tools

Smart thinking made reality by Hella Gutmann

Intelligent systems for the rigours of the daily routine

Testing headlights, calibrating cameras, measuring pressure, setting systems – no matter what challenge you are facing with your vehicles, place your trust in intelligent solutions from Hella Gutmann, which have been developed with practice-oriented applications in mind and will save you valuable time. Our family of useful tools for carrying out work on any potential vehicle model is constantly being developed. So you can benefit from fewer sleepless nights and more satisfied customers.

  • Increase your productivity and revenue
  • Networked with diagnostics solutions and data from Hella Gutmann
  • Multi-brand solutions at a low cost
Smart thinking made reality by Hella Gutmann

For true friends

The Hella Gutmann fan shop

Anything but the kitchen sink

Those who would like even more from Hella Gutmann, Lucy and our colourful workshop world can quickly log in to our shop and access lots of cool, practical, and in some cases extremely limited items. It's worth taking a look

  • Mugs and accessories
  • Shirts and other clothes
  • Posters and cardboard standups
  • and much, much more
The Hella Gutmann fan shop

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