The reliable communication standard for your repair shop network


The reliable communication standard for your repair shop network

asanetwork is used to integrate all processes used in the work process. Once an order is entered, it is provided to all "interested" systems with its working positions. A progress monitor can be used to display and track the status of all orders in the repair shop network.


What is asanetwork?

asanetwork is the cross-manufacturer communication standard for networking workplaces in automotive repair shops. asanetwork establishes the connection and, thus, the option to exchange data between the processes and systems used in the repair shop, such as inspection and testing devices (engine diagnostics, German exhaust-emission check, brake test stand, air conditioning service station, headlight aiming device, etc.) and the commercial software in the office (DMS – Dealer Management System). The compatibility of these devices is required.

"netman", the network manager

Software versions 45 and later (compatible devices) no longer require licence fees for using the asanetwork manager "netman" and, therefore, no longer require a dongle. You only need to take these four steps to use this network manager for free:

  • Gutmann Portal is installed or updated to Version or later
  • The "netman" network manager is updated to Version 2.10.xx or later
  • Hella Gutmann devices are connected to Gutmann Portal
  • "netman" automatically detects the licence provision


Requirements for asanetwork


  • mega macs PC ab Version 45
  • mega macs 66 ab Version 45


  • mega compaa GM3 AU Benzin ab Version 45
  • mega compaa GM3 AU Benzin/Diesel ab Version 45
  • diesel compaa GM3 AU Diesel ab Version 45


  • Gutmann Portal ab Version
  • Netzwerkmanager Netman ab 2.10.xx

Hella Gutmann Solutions empfehlt stets die Installation der aktuellsten Softwareversion.

Available services with software Version 45

mega macs PC & mega macs 66:

  • Motortest allgemein* (AWNTXMT0000)
  • Steuergerätediagnose allgmein* (AWNTXOD0000)
  • Diagnose am Fahrzeug allgemein* (AWNTXDG0000)


mega compaa GM3:

  • AU allgemein (AWNTXEM000)
  • AU Otto ohne KAT (AWNTXEM010)
  • AU Otto ungeregelter KAT (AWNTXEM020)
  • AU Otto geregelter KAT (AWNTXEM030)
  • AU Otto mit OBD (AWNTXEM040)
  • AU Diesel (AWNTXEM050)
  • AU Turbo-Diesel (AWNTXEM060)
  • AU Diesel mit OBD (AWNTXEM070)


* Fehler lesen - Einzelsysteme und Gesamtabfrage

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