Headlight adjustment for experts

SEG series

Headlight adjustment for experts

For increased safety on the road

The annual statistics say it all: every third vehicle on the road in Germany – the home of the car – is driving with improperly adjusted headlights. This presents workshops with a significant task – but also a fairly lucrative one. What they require is a tool that meets their needs precisely, is easy to operate and delivers reliable results quickly. Headlight adjustment tools from Hella Gutmann's SEG series are exactly the right tools for the job. 

  • Testing headlights in accordance with the most recent legal standards
  • Optimum connection to diagnosis and documentation with mega macs series
  • Easy and quick operation

Safety knows no compromise, and neither does SEG

From the entry-level, inexpensive SEG Economy to the digital market leader SEG V, featuring an interface with mega macs diagnostic software with many practical functions, all SEG have one key thing in common: increased safety for your customers. The robust design and exceptionally simple operation are what really make these tools stand out. Step-by-step instructions and useful, tried-and-tested adjustment tools guide you through the shortest course of action to perfectly adjusted headlights. Discover just how reliable the SEG series from Hella Gutmann can be for your workshop and your customers.

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